Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Emma Watson: sharing her magic with People Tree

Emma Watson seems just too perfect.

Not only has she grown up on our screens preserving a squeaky clean image, but she is now: one of Britain's highest earning actresses; one of the faces of Burberry (and has helped her little brother to kick start his modelling career by drawing him in to her latest photoshoot for the brand); and fashion's latest pioneer of enivronmentally friendly and planet aware clothing. This last venture: her "Love From Emma" range is a capsule collection which Ms Watson has developed working as a creative advisor with People Tree: because she believes in the cause and not because she has any "designs" (sorry) on being a fashion designer.

The "Love From Emma" range (catalogue pictured) features organic and Fairtrade certified cotton, and is targetted at the younger consumer base, bringing environmentally sourced and created fashion to conscientious teens everywhere.

People Tree has had a lot of publicity for its worthy mission statement and the promises it delivers, but Fashionista thinks that signing up Britain's darling is a very savvy move indeed. The "Love From Emma" target market is the exact age group which is likely to identify or relate to her. She is one of their peers, and if she feels passionately about the humanitarian issues surrounding readily available fashion and the use of fashion as a tool to alleviate poverty, then there is every chance that her passion can inspire others in her age group to feel the same way.

Fashionista asks: are we about to witness a shift in consumer choices and behaviour? Will cheap, readily available fashion choices be replaced by more considered choices which take into account the environmental and humanitarian impact associated with such items. It certainly looks as though this is one bandwagon which is being readily jumped on, but how far this bandwagon will travel remains to be seen. Fashionista is hopeful that the journey will be a long and successful one...