Friday, 25 September 2009

Manny's the man!

Handbags at Dawn, this year's version of the annual IP and fashion conference run by CLT, was by general acclaim a good deal of fun. That this was so, Fashionista opines, was at least in part the consequence of Manny Silverman's infectious humour and dazzling enthusiasm. Speaking on "Fashion Industry Business Strategy -- Just Where Does IP Fit In?", Manny -- former CEO of Moss Bros and later of Norman Hartnell -- gave an object lesson in how personal presence can make a bigger impression than any number of PowerPoints. He also (aptly for someone who has spent his entire career in the clothing sector) had his audience in stitches with some immaculately-timed asides.

Not all Manny's quips appear in the written version of his paper, but he has kindly sent it to Fashionista so she can share it with her friends who couldn't be there on the big day. You can read it here. If you want to be kept informed of next year's Handbags at Dawn, email Fashionista here.