Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Let Girls be Girls

Fashionista read with interest today's news that bargain fashion chain Primark has been criticised for promoting products which are considered too adult to be promoted to children. The store, which removed its padded bikini tops for girls as young as seven from sale today, follows the likes of Asda (which has been singled out for selling lace lingerie, including a push-up bra aimed at young girls) and Tesco (which recently withdrew a pole-dancing kit from its toys section).

While Primark reacted swiftly to the complaints by removing the product from sale, apologising to its customers for "causing offence" and confirming that it would donate profits to a children's charity, Primark maintains it promise on its website that: "We make no exception for our younger ladies. All the high fashion trends can be found in our Girlswear section, no matter what age you are." The balance between allowing youngsters to enjoy fashion and follow trends and ensuring they are protected as children, is clearly difficult to maintain.

Fashionista wonders whether the recent launch of the Mumsnet “Let Girls Be Girls” campaign, to lobby retailers against sales of adult items to children, will help retailers maintain this balance. Asda, Boden and Start-rite have already endorsed the campaign. Fashionista wonders if Primark will be next....