Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Government to give back so green can be the new black

Readers know how keen Fashionista is to promote and support green initiatives, and so you can only imagine Fashionista's delight at hearing that Jaeger - one of Britian's most established, and one of Fashionista's favourite, brands - is championing the cause for sustainable fashion to make this a lasting trend rather than a passing fad.

In the heat of General Election fever, Jaeger's owner Harold Tillman, called for tax breaks for eco-fashion businesses to incentivise UK fashion businesses and consumers alike to "go green" and think carefully about what they are producing and how they are producing it. The propsed tax breaks should make greener, more sustainable production a more cost effective and attractive option for businesses. In turn, they should help enable businesses to reduce the cost of eco-friendly fashion, broadening its appeal for cost-conscious consumers.

Fashionista sees it as a great thing that leaders in our fashion industry are taking such vocal and proactive steps to promote such an important issue. She is encouraged that the big brands, who are more likely to have resources, are speaking out on behalf of independent or smaller businesses.
Will it work? Possibly; hopefully.

What will it take for it to do so? Increased appeal of eco-fashion in terms of widespread availability, attractive and competitive pricing, quality fabrics and on-trend, covetable designs, and a shift in industry and consumer perception. Fashionista agrees with Harold Tillman that incentivising businesses by helping out with tax breaks will certainly pave the way for much needed change. Let's watch this space.