Tuesday, 5 October 2010

BIBA is back!

Times may be hard, but it's always nice to read a good news story for a change. Fashionista can't be the only person to notice that the legedary BIBA brand has been revived exclusively at House of Fraser. According to the Guardian, despite the current talk of spending custs and recession, the brand's relaunch has been a hit - with sales of more than £500,000 in the first fortnight.

The new range has been designed by Barbara Hulanicki, the founder of the original BIBA store in Kensington back in 1964. In fact the re-launch has gone so well, House of Fraser has suggested that they may launch stand alone stores. Let's hope the resurgence of the brand continues - it just goes to show that  certain brands can live on even without any trade, and be resuscitated with the right product. With the weather on the turn, Biba's faux-fur coats have caught Fashionista's eye!


LIX said...

Hi there,

I wanted to correct you as Barbara Hulanicki has NOT designed the BIBA collection for House of Fraser. However, she has just designed a collection due out in stores November 14th for GEORGE. It's going to be spectacular!!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Lix,
Many thanks for your post clarifying Barbara Hulanicki's lack of involvement with House of Fraser's re-launched BIBA collection. We'll look out for her new range at GEORGE.