Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Katie's knickers "not set in stone"

English shoppers of a certain kind will be musing as to what is worse: being seen in Katie Price's underwear or being seen buying them in Wal-Mart's British avatar, Asda. In either event, inevitably accompanied by headlines concerning the dropping of knickers, news stories of the termination of Ms Price's lingerie deal with the somewhere-above-economy-priced supermarket chain are spreading through the ether like a mild epidemic of measles.

Above: Happier times -- the launch of Katie Price's Asda range

Ms Price, Fashionista recalls, signed a three-year deal with Asda in 2006 to produce a lingerie range, receiving a reported £1.5 million for her efforts. The word in the high Street is that this range has not been selling well -- despite heavy discounting -- but the trigger for termination, according to the Daily Mirror, was the poor publicity surrounding the lovely lady since her break-up with husband Peter Andre and her subsequent romance with a "cross-dressing cage fighter", Alex Reid. Apparently this outcome suits both sides. According to OneIndia:

"Asda said: "No one's contract is set in stone as we constantly evolve ranges depending what our customers want to see in store." Meanwhile, Katie's camp said: "The contract had come to its natural end. We're currently in negotiations for a new deal for her lingerie range"."
Fashionista is happy that both sides are so relaxed about the outcome, but she also feels a little cheated. Since Katie Price didn't appear in her divorce proceedings and litigation with Asda does not look likely, she still doesn't know what Katie would choose to wear in court.

Further details may be perused from BrandRepublic, OneIndia and STV TV.