Monday, 26 October 2009

What if it doesn't fit?

Once a little cautious about buying fashion goods online, Fashionista has come to accept this practice as quite normal, especially since online is the only place she can reliably do her secret 4.30am after-party shopping. She has however restricted her shopping habit to the purchase of clothes, shoes and accessories: she's never actually dared to buy a whole brand. That's what's for sale though on the S&K Menswear website.

Sadly S&K, for more than four decades a popular US menswear brand, has closed its retail outlets and is no longer e-trading either. However, visit the website and scroll down and you'll find this rubric:

"For more information regarding the acquisition of the S&K Menswear brand, trademarks and data, please contact:

Streambank LLC
Margaret Birlem

Please, only call this number if you are
interested in purchasing S&K Menswear's
intellectual property. DO NOT call this number for
general business inquiries or employee information.

Please click here for more information.

S&K Menswear's intangible assets are available for sale."

This is tremendously tempting, says Fashionista, but there's one thing she keeps wondering about. If she buys the S&K intellectual assets, can she take them back again if they don't fit ...