Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Climate change and a fashion statement . . . .

Over the holiday period, Fashionista discovered a dress which is not only beautiful to look at but can even monitor the concentration of greenhouse cases in the atmosphere.

The so-called 'Climate Dress' senses the CO2 concentration in the air which is then visualised through an embroidery made up of over one hundred tiny LED lights. It was developed by Danish design company Diffus and launched at Bright Green Expo, an exhibition of more than 170 companies showcasing cutting-edge climate solutions that also coincided with the UN Conference.

Fashionista thinks it would be brilliant if this technology could be used more widely and on everyday garments too - a little more light might well serve to brighten up dark months such as January both in terms of people's mood and as an environmentally friendly way to make travel in the dark safer.