Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Looking for an excuse to shop?

No-one can fail to have be moved by the tragic scenes reaching us daily from earthquake-torn Haiti, or by the stories of human misery which accompany them. It is therefore with a sense of pride that Fashionista notes that this year's Fashion For Relief initiative will be dedicated to aiding the victims of this disaster.

Right: This year's Fashion For Relief will be opened by Naomi Campbell and Sarah Brown

This year's Fashion for Relief catwalk show is scheduled for 18 February, the night before London Fashion Week begins. After the catwalk show all the dresses will be auctioned off to support this deserving cause. Since the UK economy is officially moving out of recession today, Fashionista urges her friends to sweep the cobwebs from their credit cards and do the noble thing! Adds Modeliste, let it never be said that the fashion community is so selfishly preoccupied with appearance as to lose track of reality in the real world.