Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nintendo: playing the fashion game

Fashionista has always been content to spectate computer games. This is not through her disdain for the pastime; it is more of a prudent precaution against the risk of collateral damage to her immaculately manicured fingernails. She has however taken due note of Nintendo's latest idea: that company, which she associates with the innocent pleasures of her youth, has reportedly launched Style Savvy, a computer game that allows players to assume the mantle of a clothing boutique owner, managing everything from customer questions to budget and inventory. According to the US executive V-P for Sales & Marketing.
"The game includes more than 10,000 clothing items, shoes and accessories, which invite endless creative possibilities."
Not really, Fashionista thinks. with only 16 in-game designer labels to choose from, she imagines that most of the time between recharging the battery will be taken up in agonising which of the select 16 comes closest to her mood of the moment. Presumably, though, there's a business angle here: the owners of the 16 labels will surely be paying handsomely for the privilege of their inclusion -- and even more handsomely for the privilege of excluding some of their most bitter rivals.