Saturday, 14 November 2009

Porsche Cayman -v- Crocs Cayman

Today - given the deluge - Fashionista is minded to consider wearing a pair of Crocs shoes whilst carrying her coveted Jimmy Choo for H&M high heels in her bag. And such an event might well be headline news. Less welcome news for Crocs is the trader mark action brought by Porsche. Crocs' best selling model is known as "Cayman" and this is a trade mark widely registered by Porsche for, yes, cars but also shoes. Did Crocs not do a trade mark search? Now Fashionista has not herself seen any Porsche Cayman shoes but imagines that, if they exist , they will be stylish creations and quite unlike the Crocs offering. May be that's the heart of the problem . . . . . . . but with CAYMAN registered for footwear, Porsche won't have to worry about confusion and even if they have no footwear themselves, the registrations may not yet be open to non-use attacks. So yesterday may have been an unlucky Friday 13th for Crocs.