Friday, 19 December 2008

Why designers are better than models

Supermodel Kate Moss has reportedly just renewed her contract with Topshop for a further three years. She plans to add new collections of lingerie and accessories. Some people may wonder why it is that, in the olden days, beautiful women used to be 'models' but now they are 'designers' (see Fashionista's earlier post on Victoria Beckham). The answer is simple. Hire a model and you hire a clothes-horse. Hire a designer and you hire a name as well as a body, and the designer's fortunes and reputation are more closely tied in with the fashion house or retailer concerned. 

For the record, since 1 May 2007 Topshop has launched eight best-selling collections under the Kate Moss for Topshop label (click here for launch pictures), available in 22 countries worldwide and also in Australia, Europe and the United States via