Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Of Sleeves and Arms

Oscar-winning British actress Dame Helen Mirren may be set to get her own M&S fashion label. Having previously bemoaned the fact that designers fail to make dresses with sleeves suitable for older women, when asked if she would accept an offer from M&S to have her own label she said "Oh yes", adding that she would call it "DWS: Dresses With Sleeves". M&S's Stuart Rose has described the idea as interesting and did not deny it.

Fashionista thinks the idea of DWS is surely tongue-in-cheek. She knows those initials stand for "dripping with sarcasm" and "divided we stand". More to the point, given Dame Helen's outstanding portrayal of Her Majesty The Queen, M&S should check out the conditions under which manufacturers of fashion apparel might seek the Royal Warrant and with it the chance to reproduce the Royal Arms.