Thursday, 21 May 2009

Guess who Gucci's suing ...

Taking a break from her glamour mags, Fashionista thought she'd take a look at Business Week for a change -- and that's where she read that French-owned Italian fashion house Gucci is suing rival fashion and leather goods label Guess Inc. for copying one of its dress designs as well as several trade marked logos. The latter included a green and red stripe, a repeated interlocking GG mark and stylized G mark. Damages are being sought.

It occurred to Fashionista that, while it may be expensive to litigate a trade mark dispute in a Manhattan federal courts, the publicity that the media give the spat may well help justify the outlay on lawyers, apart from emphasising that Gucci is prepared to fight, fight and fight again to keep some space between its designs and logos and those of its competitors.