Thursday, 11 June 2009

Cat fight over catsuit

Thanks to Vicki Day for getting Fashionista hooked on the recent posts by Susie Bubble on her fabulous blog Style Bubble. For those who have missed the furore, Susie recently posted some photos of herself trying on a catsuit in Pam Hogg's London boutique which did not go down at all well with the designer's people who subsequently requested that the images be removed from the blog.

Hogg's people apparently argued that Susie had violated intellectual property rights by posting a photo of an item that she hadn't bought, but Fashionista suspects that the real issue was that the designer wanted to keep a tight rein over the publication of images of her products as, to be fair, most designers do. However, control can only go so far and given the corresponding negative publicity that Pam Hogg has attracted via Susie's blog (413 commentators have expressed their opinion on the Bubble's follow up post "Hogg Roasted" of 2 June 2009 and most are anti-Hogg comments), Fashionista suspects that Pam Hogg's people are wishing they hadn't taken the matter quite so seriously - talk about a storm in a catsuit!