Friday, 5 June 2009

Primani turns to Beckham for inspiration

Although, hand on heart, Fashionista can't say with absolute truth and certainty that she has never set foot inside Primark, she can say that-- as a keen reader of the Urban Dictionary -- she knew the bargain basement retail brand was nicknamed "Primani" for its ability to turn out designer fashions at high street prices.

People who are rude about soccer-celebrity-turned-fashion-icon David Beckham will probably sneer that he'd think Primani was the name of the manager of the Italian football team. Dashing David might just have had some ground for grievance against the chain -- had it not already been kind enough to enter into an out-of-court financial settlement following claims by Superdry that key features of its Beckham-driven signature Brad leather jacket had mysteriously appeared on jackets sold by Primark. According to Fashionista's source,
"The worn-in leather jacket with double collar costs £175, and has become something of a classic since Beckham first stepped out in it in 2007, with 70,000 sales to date and 25,000 on order for this autumn".
Source:, 28 May 2009.