Wednesday, 24 June 2009

IP in the Fashion Industry

The programme for this year's annual handbags-at-dawn conference, "Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry", has now been published by event organisers CLT. Quite a few of Fashionista's more savvy friends are in the cast, not to mention Fashionista herself. The event, held in association with this weblog, takes place on 22 September 2009 in London, at a venue which the organisers are cunningly keeping under wraps in order to create a tantalising aura of mystery. There's also a special BOGOF promotion ("book one, get one free") too, so you can bring a friend.

Topics covered during the day include industry-specific updates on the relevant IP rights, the perennially vital issue of brand clearance plus features on distribution networks, valuation and securitisation of fashion IP assets.

You can download the programme in glorious technicolour here, or cut straight to the registration form online here.


John Stobart said...

I guess I will have to be there - minus a handbag, of course...