Friday, 20 February 2009

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Fashionista-at-law aims to deliver stories about the hot legal topics facing the fashion sector, highlighting current and need-to-know issues and sharing tips about how to deal with them. Our contributors have experience across the entire range of legal issues of interest to the fashion industry from corporate and intellectual property, through to employment, e-commerce and real estate, not forgetting (in the current climate) insolvency and restructuring.

Our ambition is to make Fashionista-at-law the place to read about the legal issues facing the fashion industry today. We have exciting plans for the coming year, including the introduction of guest contributors from the fashion industry, seminars and networking events.

But we also want to hear your views on the things that you would like to see covered so please email Fashionista at with your feedback about the site and with your ideas for legal issues you'd like Fashionista to write about.